Lady Cramp Salve

This lady cramp salve is for those days when your uterus is staging an in-body uprising. If you are not the proud owner of a uterus, perhaps you’d like to bake a cake or something instead of making this salve—of you could make a batch for your favourite uterus owner. They’ll appreciate it.

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Scar Salve

This scar salve is designed to help your scars heal up, and it’s loaded with healing ingredients. The oil base features healing rock stars like pure Vitamin E, vitamin rich rosehip oil, and andiroba, tamanu, and emu oil—all traditional healers in their countries of origin.

How to Make Scar Salve

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Healing Bee Propolis Cream

Bee propolis is a really amazing substance. In its raw form it looks like clods of dirt, and smells something like the air just before it rains. Made from essential oils, resins, saps, and the odd bit of dry grass, it is a powerful antibacterial and antiseptic healing ingredient, making it perfect for a starring role in this lotion. As with everything bees make, each hive produces different propolis. It’s assembled from the trees and flowers that the bees visit on their pollen and nectar rounds, and its composition understandably varies by what’s available near the hive.