Grilled Black Bean & Corn Calzone

As far as easy meals go, this one might just strike the perfect balance between easy, versatile, quick, and delicious. If you’ve got the ingredients on hand it comes together about as quickly as a sandwich, and then just requires some unsupervised grilling time.

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Smokey Corn, Black Bean, & Honey Salsa

I’m not usually a salsa person. It’s not that I have anything against a delicious combination of tomatoes, onions, and other goodies, it’s just that they’re often not that… delicious. Store bought salsas are often runny, heavy with the vinegar, and straight-up boring. But this salsa… no. This salsa was a delicious revelation.

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Veggie Overload Panini

When Craig and I were in Costa Rica we took a day to quad across to peninsula and explore. After bumping along kilometers of rolling, bumpy rainforest roads and walking out across the tide flats to a small island on a cemetery we stopped for lunch at a rather unassuming looking bakery. I ordered one of the few vegetarian options—a veggie pita. The English translation of the description was a bit lackluster (basically a long list of veg plus a pita) and my hopes weren’t that high, but then it arrived. And… oh my.



Spicy Arugula, Tomato, and Mozarella Grilled Pizza

Summer hits, I want pizza, and I want in on the BBQ. It’s inevitable, and I am totally ok with that. This pizza was born out of warm-weather induced necessity after a trip to my favourite fruit & veg stand. I had fresh BC arugula, a new (used) KitchenAid stand mixer to test out, and some beautiful squishy pizza mozzarella.

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Orzo, Tomato, & Asparagus Salad

This pasta salad just might be perfection. Light, delicious, good hot or cold, and brilliant as leftovers. It comes together quickly, making it a great offering at a last minute summer potluck or picnic.



Addictive Guacamole

Craig and I had this guacamole when we were in Costa Rica. We were dining on daiquiris and tacos on the beach, listening to a fellow playing acoustic renditions of pop and rock songs and getting to know our new friends Jennifer and Grant a bit better (fellow Canadians who were staying next to us). Anyhow, we ordered some chips and guacamole as a starter, and oh my. I very quickly made the decision to have guacamole for dinner that night. It was a great decision.

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