Watermelon Mint Cuticle & Lip Butter

Today we’re whipping up a rich and creamy Watermelon Mint Lip & Cuticle Butter, designed to help pamper and protect the delicate skin around our nails and mouths. The base is just three simple, all-natural ingredients that come together to create a rich butter that’s initially stiff, and then softens into a decadent, nourishing treat for dry, irritated skin. It comes together really quickly and is a fabulous multi-purpose thing to have in your purse or bedside table. Let’s dive in!

How to Make Watermelon Mint Cuticle & Lip Butter


White Chocolate Peppermint Lip Scrub

I’ve had quite a few requests for a new lip scrub formulation recently, and I thought our White Chocolate Peppermint theme was perfectly suited to a lip scrub—so here we are! This DIY is quite crunchy, with just five simple ingredients. It’s pretty easy to whip up (literally—it’s whipped!) and can be gifted in cute little tins or jars. Pair it with one (or both) of the holiday lip balms I’ve already shared this season for a decadent lip treat!

How to Make White Chocolate Peppermint Lip Scrub


Cranberry Orange Whipped Body Butter

Today’s DIY is a whippy, lightweight, fast-absorbing Cranberry Orange Whipped Body Butter—and it’s also our last cranberry orange DIY of the 2019 holiday making season! You’ll only need four simple ingredients and some electric beaters to whip up this body butter. Pair it with some other DIY’ed cranberry orange goodies for a lovely gift set… or just keep it for yourself because it’s pretty awesome 😉

How to Make Cranberry Orange Whipped Body Butter


Creamy Autumn Grounding Salve

Today we’re creating something simple—an aromatic, creamy salve with an intoxicating essential oil blend designed to ground and calm. It’s a great DIY for beginners, with a relatively short ingredient list of simple, plant-based ingredients. I’m loving both applying this salve to my hands and feet, but also just whiffing it out of the tin for a bit of an aromatherapy break in my day.

How to Make Creamy Autumn Grounding Salve


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