An Interview with Lab Muffin’s Michelle

Today I’m super excited to share an interview with Michelle from Lab Muffin. Michelle has a PhD in chemistry and has been teaching people about the science behind skin care at Lab Muffin for the last seven years. I love her clear explanations, her hilarious Instagram account, and her brilliant explanatory videos. I reached out to her a few weeks ago with a very fan-girly email and was stoked when she agreed to be interviewed, and here we are!

An Interview with Lab Muffin's Michelle


An Interview with LisaLise’s Lise Andersen

Today I’m really excited to share an exclusive interview with Lise Andersen, the brains behind the LisaLise Blog. She’s been DIY-ing since way before it was cool, and her blog is a fantastic resource for learning about new ingredients and techniques, and it’s one of my favourite sources of inspiration. Today we’re chatting about DIYing decades ago, favourite projects, tips for beginners, and more—let’s dive in!


An Interview with Point of Interest’s Susan Barclay-Nichols

I’m super excited to share this interview with Susan Barclay-Nichols, the brains behind Point of Interest!/Swifty Crafty Monkey; an absolutely amazing DIY resource blog. I’ve learned so much from Susan over the years and I’m really excited to have her “here” to answer some questions about what gets her inspired and how she works 🙂


How did you first get into making body products?

My husband and I were running youth programs, and I thought I’d like to run a craft group as part of it. I found a recipe for bath bombs and, after making a few batches, I thought it’d make a great project for a class. My trial run with a few kids went horribly wrong, so I turned to the ‘net for help and discovered the Dish forum. I found the answer to my problem – I was the wrong type of citric acid! – and discovered I could make shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and so much more at home. I was looking for a new hobby and quickly fell in love with making bath & body products.


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