Honey Bee Facial

Debbi has been encouraging me to smear my face with raw honey as of late, and I have to say—I liked the idea. I’ve read a lot of fantastic things about raw honey. It’s a fantastic natural antibiotic ointment (it’s also anti-fungal and anti-viral), a humectant (it attracts moisture), an anti-inflammatory, and it’s loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and healthy bacteria. Perfect for healing up, err, imperfections and encouraging your skin to behave itself.

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Sea Buckthorn Acne Serum

I’ve been planning to make an acne serum for a while now. I’ve had all kinds of great, healing oils in my cupboard for a while now. Oils like tamanu, black currant seed, baobab, and sea buckthorn. I stumbled across a little tip via Pinterest recommending applying sea buckthorn seed oil to zits as soon as they rear their ugly heads (or even earlier than that, if you can manage it). So I decided that sea buckthorn seed oil would be the base for my serum.


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