Hydrating Rose Water Facial Toner

As I’ve been learning more and more about Asian beauty philosophies and trends, I’ve been really intrigued by the Asian-style toners /r/AsianBeauty raves about. Toners from Korea and Japan are focused on hydration and pH correction, packing a seriously nutrient-rich, hydration heavy punch. I’ve been learning how much my skin loves hydration over the last couples months, so a hydrating toner sounded like an awesome addition to my skincare routine. Plus, I have a ton of awesome water soluble skin goodies in my DIY cupboard, so I figured I should make something in a similar vein—hence this Hydrating Rose Water Facial Toner!


Hydrating Summer Facial and Body Mist

I’m on a huge hydration kick these days. Well, not so much a kick as a lifestyle change. I’m making hydration a serious priority, and my skin is so much happier for it. While staying hydrated in Calgary is always a challenge, summer is a different kind of challenge: sun exposure and more time spent outside means more wind and elements exposure, but it also means I’m less inclined to reach for heavier moisturizers. That’s where this lovely humectant packed mist comes into play.

How to Make Hydrating Summer Facial and Body Mist

Rejuvenating Pine Pollen Facial Toner

This pretty yellow Rejuvenating Pine Pollen Facial Toner packs a punch for skin that needs a bit of a kick in the pants in the refreshing category. Rich in humectants and alpha hydroxy acids, this toner helps encourage your skin to regenerate and stay hydrated so your complexion can be all “✨🌿🌟” instead of “💀🍤🍂”.


Vitamin C Toner

A new order of goodies recently arrived on my doorstep from New Directions Aromatics, so I’ve been spending the last few days playing with my new toys. One of the things I’ve been just itching to make ever since I placed the order was a vitamin C toner. I’d included witch hazel and some pure vitamin C in my order after reading about how good vitamin C is for your skin. It’s supposed to help with collagen production, reduce age spots (not that I have any yet, but hey, that’s not permanent), and firm things up. Groovy. It’s a key ingredient in a lot of expensive anti-aging serums, so I’ll probably experiment with one of those in the near future, enlisting my mother as my guinea pig.

I’d also ordered some solubilizer, something I’d been holding off ordering figuring I could survive without it, but now that I have it, I can’t stop thinking of uses for it. It’s a viscous liquid that allows you to easily create emulsions that are mostly water, so it’s great for things like room spray, where you want a teaspoon or so of essential oil to disperse evenly throughout half a liter of water. Is it natural, strictly speaking? Err… not really. But Skin Deep says it’s fairly safe, and I really don’t use much of it.