Meet Hair Pins, Bobby Pins’ Far More Useful Sister

I don’t know about you, but every single time I try to re-create the epic hairstyles I see in historical films like Titanic, Pride & Prejudice, and Ever After, it ends in fits of frustration and about 300 bobby pins distributed through my hair like a metallic bird nest. It’s always made me wonder what’s changed since the early 1900s. What did everyone know about hair styling 100 years ago that I, somehow, have yet to figure out? It turns out it’s hair pins.



Up until very recently I thought hair pins and bobby pins were exactly the same thing. I mean, a bobby pin is a pin… for your hair… so I never really thought much about it. Most of the women I’ve talked to about this are under the same impression. Ladies, we have been grossly misinformed. (more…)

Titanic Make-up Tutorial: Rose at Dinner

Though lifted straight from Titanic, this is one of my favourite everyday looks (though the term “everyday” is rather misleading in that it implies I do this everyday, which I most certainly do not as I cannot be bothered). I use my homemade make-up almost entirely  to do this, and the end result is refined without looking overdone, just like Rose. Excellent. This is the look I used for my Grazia magazine shoot.


Pin Curls for Perfect Heat-Free Ringlets

I love having curly hair, but I’m not a big fan of using heat to get it. My love of Titanic inspired me to try pretty much every method of heat-free hair curling around. Foam rollers, straight bendy foam rollers, rag rollers, and finally, pin curls. The foam rollers left me with strangely cylindrical Shirley Temple style curls, while the rag rollers left me looking, well, also like Shirley Temple.

So, pin curls are awesome. They’re all precise and lovely. And not at all like Shirley Temple. Much more like Rose. Which is exactly what I wanted.


My Everyday Titanic Swim Dress

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, I love Titanic (that’s my fan site, of course). I especially love the costumes, and if I could dress like that everyday, I would. And while nothing is really stopping me, per se, from dressing in a whalebone corset and layers of chiffon, taffeta, and lace on a daily basis… yeah. I don’t. I think the three biggest factors are not wanting to destroy nice gowns, the fear of being cold all the time, and not having anyone around that I’d want to lace me into my underwear everyday.


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