Chamomile Winter Hand Butter

When I was a kid I had the most absurdly dry hands—the kind of dry that hurts. I can remember having hands so dry that lotion stung, and they’d crack and bleed. I think I was about twelve or thirteen when I realized I was sick of having sore lizard hands and it was in my power to do something about it. I started carrying lotion around in my backpack and things improved immensely, and I’ve never looked back. My hands are still pretty prone to dryness, though—between diligent washings and our very dry climate the answer to “want some hand lotion?” is always an emphatic yes. So, I thought I’d baby my hands a bit with this Chamomile Winter Hand Butter.

How to Make Chamomile Winter Hand Butter


Ultra Rich Meadowfoam Body Cream

It’s officially that time of year again—the time of year when my skin practically screams for lotion after I climb out of a bath or shower. When I’m slathering it all over there never seems to be enough lotion in my (usually sizeable) stash, so I decided to be sort-of proactive and whip up a batch of something designed to hit cold-weather dryness right in the kisser. This cream has a larger oil part to really help lock in moisture and soften skin, featuring a lovely blend of oils and silky cetyl alcohol for a decadent, Ultra Rich Meadowfoam Body Cream that’ll leave just-shaved legs feeling all kinds of happy.

How to Make Ultra Rich Meadowfoam Body Cream


Pumpkin Spice Foaming Hand Wash

As I was making this I was definitely thinking “it’s far too early for anything pumpkin spiced, isn’t it?”, but a quick glance at the calendar (and the weather forecast) set me right. Canadian Thanksgiving is next weekend (!), Starbucks has had their infamous latte back on the menu for weeks, and we’ve got a winter storm warning for today. So… welcome, pumpkin spice season! This year I thought I’d continue to build my collection of pumpkin spiced recipes (check out my recipes for PSL lotion, whipped body butter, soap, lip gloss, and lip balm!) with a decadent Pumpkin Spice Foaming Hand Wash. Yum!

How to Make Pumpkin Spice Foaming Hand Wash


Minty Forest Soap

Soaps starring cedarwood and mint seem to be perennially popular; I think I see a few at every farmer’s market and craft fair I attend. And honestly, it’s not hard to see why! The scent combination is fantastic—soft, sweet cedarwood pairs beautifully with bright, punchy peppermint for a wonderful olfactory experience that’s pretty darn universal. I decided to veer a bit off the beaten cedarwood-mint path with my styling, though. Many of the bars I see using this scent combo really embrace dark browns and forest greens, but I was feeling a bit… perkier. Let’s make some Minty Forest Soap!

How to Make Minty Forest Soap


Forest Facial Lotion

In the last week I’ve been on some utterly stunning hikes, really soaking up how beautiful Canada is and squeezing the last drops of good weather out of our waning summer. I love a lot of things about the mountains—their beauty, the solitude, the babbling brooks and the pikas—but I think my favourite thing is the air. It’s crisp and fresh, and smells utterly divine. On a warm summer day you can smell the sun-warmed earth mingling with the pine needles and distant whiffs of wildflowers and flowing water. You’re likely to find me standing still, eyes shut, face to the sun, inhaling deeply, whenever I first get out of a car in the mountains, so I suppose it’s no surprise I chase that scent in essential oil blends and my skin care products. This Forest Facial Lotion features a forest-inspired scent blend to tie in with my Forest Cleansing Balm and Forest Facial Cleanser; warm, mysterious oak moss warms top notes of bright spruce and fir and sweet, spicy cardamom. Swoon.

How to Make Forest Facial Lotion


Forest Cleansing Balm

I’m happy to report that Danny has been loving the Forest Facial Cleanser I made him (I’m loving it, too!), so I thought I’d extend the collection. And guys—this is the best cleansing balm I’ve ever made. It has the most amazing creamy consistency, beautiful rinse off, and is all kinds of silky and smooth and downright decadent. I think I’m hopping back to cleansing balms from cleansing oils with this Forest Cleansing Balm recipe! For now, at least… I never can leave well enough alone!

How to Make Forest Cleansing Balm