Natural Dry Shampoo Spray

I’ve been watching lots of hair tutorials on YouTube lately, and I can’t help but notice how many of them use dry shampoo to achieve a bit of added texture and volume for updos. So, a few weeks ago when I was wandering the aisles of Costco a pack of Batiste dry shampoo caught my eye. The ingredients were simple enough—mostly rice starch, and then a lot of things that ended in “-ane”. Butane, propane… hold on, don’t those things fuel my BBQ? A quick check on Skin Deep confirmed my worries—most of those “-ane” ingredients are pretty harmful with concerns like immunotoxicity, irritation, and organ system toxicity (!). So I made my own natural dry shampoo spray, of course.

How to make a natural dry shampoo spray that really works!


Deluxe All-Natural Dry Shampoo

I’ve written before about my super easy, all natural dry shampoo recipe. It’s pretty great. It has two ingredients, and that alone is amazing, before you consider that it works. However, it has been brought to my attention that it’s not ideal for those with more enthusiastically oily scalps. So I set out to create something better.

So, somewhat unfortunately (though it makes sense), this deluxe dry shampoo has a few more ingredients. About three times as many, actually. But it sure seems to do the trick. Here are some of the ingredients I added, and why. (more…)