Smooth & Shine Hair Serum

With these dry winter days I’ve been finding I’ve been reaching for this fragrant hair serum a lot recently—whenever my hair needs a bit of smoothing, added shine, and general oomph. I’ll run a pump or two through my hair from about the ears down and it leaves my hair smoother, easier to manage, and just generally looking better—without weighing it down. It doesn’t hurt that it also smells fantastic, leaving me walking around in a bit of a rose-scented cloud directly after use (it’s crazy easy to make). If you’ve got relatively fine hair that needs a bit of a kick in the winter, this serum is for you!

How to Make Smooth & Shine Hair Serum


Silky Camellia Hair Serum

This Silky Camellia Hair Serum is a wonderful combination of a leave-in hair conditioner and an oil serum. It helps reduce frizz, add shine, prevent breakage, and even provides a touch of heat protection along with making your hair smell pretty. A drop or two is more than enough to smooth down fly-aways and perk up dry-looking ends. I’ve designed it to be customizable on a use-by-use basis, so if you happen to need a more potent or more dilute product at any given time, you’ve got it! Its also easy to make and I’ve provided a big list of substitutions and alternatives at the end of the recipe so you can tweak it to use what you’ve got on hand 🙂

How to Make Silky Camellia Hair Serum


Bamboo & Silk Hair Milk

This light and luxurious hair serum smooths down flyaways, moisturizes dry ends, and imparts a lovely, light sheen. It smells divine, is absorbed quickly, and packs a punch with just a few drops. It’s the sort of thing that would sell for $40 at a salon, but you know better that that 😉



Ultimate Homemade Hair Serum

After I discovered emulsifying wax, the first recipe I wanted to re-vamp was my hair serum and turn it into an ultimate homemade hair serum. I chose to make it an emulsion so I could cut back on the percentage of oils in the recipe, but in the end it didn’t emulsify very well without any beeswax or borax. So, I melted the original batch back down and added a few grams or e-wax, and that fixed it. But now that I knew I could make a formula that was 75% water instead of 50%, I had to give it another go.

Now, not to toot my own horn (ok, I’m lying), but this stuff is great. Not only is it anti-frizz, but it makes brilliant leave-in conditioner/hair lotion. I massaged a fairly healthy amounts into the bottom 6″ of my waist-length hair two nights ago, and my ends are beautifully soft and shiny. And not at all greasy looking!


DIY Hair Serum

Earlier this week I stumbled upon a for homemade hair serum. It looked like it was on the right track; lots of great oil and really easy. But it was pure oil, and I don’t care how careful you are about applying only the tiniest amount. Inevitably you will add one extra drop one morning and be forced to spend the rest of the day looking more grungy than frizz-free and glowing.

So, I started thinking. And I thought my way over to lotion, with the idea that the added water would dilute the oil and make it easier to apply a very small amount. Also, I have lots of water-soluble things that are good for your hair, like aloe vera juice, phytokeratin and bioplex.


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