Conditioning Rose Water Hair Mist

Am I the only one who imagines herself as a glamorous women frolicking through clouds of tiny droplets of magical wonder whenever she mists herself with something? I hope not. Misting is basically the grown-up skin care version of running through a sprinkler, complete with prettier smells and a much lower chance of slipping in mud. This particular mist is an excellent one to compliment your imaginary glamour mist frolicking—it’s brilliant on hair (and skin!), leaves you smelling like you sleep in a bed of rose petals, and doesn’t require any heating or emulsifiers, so it’s super fast and easy to make. In short, it’s awesome, I love it, and you should make some.


Winter Shimmer Hair Mist

This pretty, shimmery hair mist was inspired by a recipe request from Kim. She requested a hair mist that would “repair damaged and dry hair, add a lovely fragrance, and give the hair a subtle golden shimmer.” She described a shop-bought version she’d tried, saying “it absorbed quickly into hair, had a lovely fragrance, and the shimmer was fantastic.” Colour me intrigued! I love a good hair mist, especially in the winter.




Sleek & Shiny Hair Mist

I thought of this one day as I was biking home from work. I was flying down a hill in a rather industrial part of time, really hoping today wasn’t the day I’d get hit by a dump truck, and I started thinking about hair mist. That’s just how my brain works, I guess. (Spoiler: I didn’t get hit by a dump truck). Anyhow, it seemed like a great idea, so I went home and made it. And it was.

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Chamomile, Lemon & Cinnamon Highlighting Hair Mist

When I was a kid I spent so much time outdoors each summer that my hair would lighten substantially. As a 6 year old with a hard and fast desire to have Princess Leia buns one day (took me a few years to figure out those were hair pieces…), the ends of my growing hair were always a little lighter than the roots come spring. I once had a woman insist I had dyed my hair as she’d met me the previous winter (8 year old me was very amused). Anyhow, I just can’t get outside that much anymore (sad), so this year I thought I’d encourage it.

13-08-02-pic0413-08-02-pic12 (more…)

Anti-Frizz Hair Mist

These days, static electricity is one of my constant companions (along with dry air and my emotionally needy 80lb dog). It’s most noticeable when I’m pulling clean laundry from the dryer (zap!), but also pokes its head out when I’m wearing a toque or cuddling up in some flannel PJs (double zap!). I don’t mind it most of the time, but when it works its way up to my hair, it’s annoying.

How to Make Anti-Frizz Hair Mist (more…)

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