10 Things My Hair Likes

I love my hair—mostly because my hair loves me. It’s long, shiny, and very cooperative. It generally avoids tying itself in knots and is usually painfully straight, but will cooperate with curls if coerced enough (for a few hours, at least). To keep my hair loving me, I take care of it. Happy hair makes happy me, and really easy mornings.

1. Boar Bristle Brushes

I’ve got a couple pure boar bristle brushes from Goody. They’re brilliant for smoothing out my hair and re-distributing oils—especially great for when I’m stretching out washes or feeling a bit lazy. Because they’re a natural, softer bristle, they won’t de-tangle your hair, so don’t try or you’ll just make things worse. Also, the natural bristles do get dirty, so along with pulling any loose hairs out of the brush you’ll need to soap it up every now and then to keep it clean.

2. Wooden combs

Wooden combs don’t snag your hair like the seams in a plastic comb or brush can. I got mine from The Body Shop. I had one from Goody, but it snapped while I was combing my hair—not exactly a desired characteristic in a comb. The Body Shop one does a great job and feels nice and sturdy in my hands and against my scalp.

3. Camellia Seed oil

I love doing a hot oil treatment with this one. I’ll rub a tablespoon or so of the oil through my hair (perhaps with some essential oils), wrap my hair in a towel hot from the dryer, and let it soak in for an hour or so before shampooing. The shampooing takes some doing, but afterwards my hair is wonderfully soft and shiny.


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