Shine & Detangle Conditioning Hair Rinse

Today’s project is a Bee Better for the Shine & Detangle ACV Hair Rinse I shared back in 2013. I had a lot of fun revisiting this one, taking lots of inspiration from the name rather than the original ingredients, and working in lots of what I’ve learned about hair care in the last 6 years. The new rinse is fragrant and conditioning, adding shine and slip to your hair—I really like it! It’s a fun evolution on the original concept, featuring new ingredients and resulting in a much more elegant end product.

How to Make Shine & Detangle Conditioning Hair Rinse


Kombucha Hair Rinse

Have you fallen in love with kombucha yet? The fizzy, sweet-and-sour, probiotic tea drink is available for purchase all over these days. In glass bottles and cute little cans it comes spiked with ginger, berries, and other flavourings, and will really get things humming in the intestine area, if you know what I mean.



Powdered Acidic Hair Rinse

When I went to Costa Rica for a week in 2014 I thought I could get away with skipping my apple cider vinegar rinses for a week. Oooooh boy, was I wrong. An acidic rinse works to smooth the shaft of the hair back down after basic shampoo opens everything up. My hair quickly became coarse and tangled as I failed to smooth the shaft down and all my little keratin scales caught on everything and anything. It was wretched. And that’s where this powdered acidic hair rinse comes in.




Silk Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

If you’re using homemade shampoo bars to wash your hair, an acidic rinse isn’t really optional—it’s a must. Because the high pH of true soap raises the scales that make up your hair, you’ll need to smooth them back down with something acidic or you’ll find your hair is quite coarse and tangly. That’s where this lovely rinse comes in. Infused with all kinds of good-for-the-hair ingredients, it comes together in a flash and leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny.



Honey, Lemon, and Chamomile Hair Rinse

This pretty yellow hair rinse is great for those of you who detest vinegar in your hair rinses, and it just might help lighten your hair a bit as well. It’s made from three simple ingredients and comes together in a flash—what more could you want?




Shine & Detangle ACV Hair Rinse

It isn’t often that I create something that immediately becomes part of my regular hair or body care routines. That’s partly because I am rather, err, prolific (i.e. my counters, cupboards, and pantries are loaded with tons of options to choose from every day), and partly because I love experimenting, so I’m always trying something new in the quest for awesomeness. This hair rinse, however, instantly earned itself a permanent place in my shower. It’s fantastic.


Ever since I discovered Saffire Blue, my herb cupboard has increased in size significantly. They’ve got a great selection of dried and powdered herbs and roots for delightfully low prices—herbs I’ve been reading about but have been unable to source. No more! After they all arrived the ones I was most excited about were the ones for hair, and of this excitement was born this fabulous hair rinse.