How long do you have to age a shampoo bar?

If you’ve ever made a shampoo bar, you’ll know the last step is a rather ambiguous “age the bars” for what can sound like a rather random length of time. I decided I needed to know how long shampoo bars actually need to age before they’re ready to use. I also wanted to know if that aging time varied between different types of formulations and different ways of shaping the bars. So, I whipped and pressed up an experiment to figure it out with a bunch of spreadsheets and math, and I’m sharing what I learned in this post (and the partner video, of course).


More Mango Sulfate-Free Shampoo Bar

Today I’m sharing my first shampoo bar Bee Better project—this More Mango Sulfate-Free Shampoo Bar is an update on the Mango Mango Shampoo Bar I shared in March 2019 (almost exactly two years ago!). In writing, the differences between this updated formulation and its 2019 predecessor aren’t massive, but I find the differences between the finished products to be very pronounced. These updated bars are easier to make, harder throughout use (and therefore longer-lasting), and it’s much easier to create a smooth, lovely-looking bar with this formulation. Hooray!

h2 More Mango Sulfate-Free Shampoo Bar