Super Concentrated Lemon Dishwashing Paste

If you’ve been using liquid dishwashing detergent, prepare to have your world rocked. Seriously. Solid dishwashing paste kicks dishwashing butt in ways you didn’t think could happen. It’s so amazing that I was actually excited about washing dishes as I was developing this recipe. Solid detergent blows liquid detergent out of the water and I will never understand why it’s not more readily available in North America. But no matter, because now you can make your own super concentrated lemon dishwashing paste!

How to Make Super Concentrated Lemon Dishwashing Paste


All-Purpose Enzyme Cleaning Spray

I whipped up this simple all-purpose enzyme cleaning spray a couple months ago and it’s quickly become a household staple for me. It gently cleans and deodorizes, leaving my counter tops gleaming, and I think it’s easier to make than a cup of tea! I like to pair it with a microfiber cloth for wiping down counters, cleaning paw prints off windowsills and the back door, and deodorizing the bathroom. I highly recommend having a bottle on hand!

How to Make All-Purpose Enzyme Cleaning Spray


Recipes & Ideas for Spring Cleaning

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that it’s finally warm out. It’s supposed to be 28°C (82°F) tomorrow! That’s amazing! That’s nearly double the average temperature for this time of year, which is to say spring has sprung decidedly early for this part of the world. My tulips started coming up in early March, I had to mow my lawn before April was out, and I’ve already earned my first sunburn (oops). All this warm weather and these sunny breezes are making me think about freshening up my house and my wardrobe, and while I’m no Martha Stuart, here’s what I’m doing these days.



Lemon Eucalyptus Toilet Bombs

This fun little nuggets of citrussy-scented cleaning power are like bath bombs for your toilet, except instead of softening your skin, they fizzle away at your dirty toilet bowl. As far as toilet cleaning goes, these are actually pretty fun. That’s not much, but it’s something.



Bandits Oil

Frankly, I’m a bit surprised I don’t already have a recipe for, err, “Bandits” oil up here (apparently the more common name is trademarked and the owners aren’t shy about threatening bloggers with legal action, which is just charming… hence the different name), and I have Michelle to thank for kicking my butt into gear on this one (thanks!). The legend around Bandits oil says it was used by a group of thieves to safely rob victims of the Black Plague. It’s not exactly a cheery story, but it certainly serves to imply that this oil is a powerful antibacterial/antiviral blend. Now, there’s no shortage of recipes for Bandits oil online, so I thought I’d try my best to provide a good overview of the options so you can create your own blend around a basic recipe.

How to make your own Bandits Oil essential oil blend

Your basic Bandits oil recipe generally contains essential oils of clove bud, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and eucalyptus. The proportions are hardly set, but clove oil usually dominates the blend, and rosemary is usually towards the end. The other three seem to shuffle about depending on whose formula you’re looking at.


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