Fairy Dust Highlighting Powder

One of my only claims to some sort of familiar fame is a distant relation to J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan. Cool, eh? I remember telling this story to a classmate in elementary school, only to have him call me a liar and insist that there was no way that Walt Disney was in my family tree. Um… yeah. Anyhow, one of my favourite parts of the Peter Pan story is the addition of fairy dust to the story.

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DIY Natural Clay Mascara (that actually works)

Speaking of things I wasn’t sure I’d ever crack—mascara. There’s a reason this is my first entry of my third year of blogging. I have been trying to figure out mascara for ages now. You wouldn’t believe the amounts of black goop I’ve tossed over the last few years. You see, mascara is tricky. Infuriatingly so.

How to make DIY Natural Clay Mascara (that actually works)

First off, mascara must dry quickly—but not too quickly. Once on your lashes it must dry straight away, but on the brush or in the bottle, it must remain supple and apply-able. (more…)

Red & Gold Clay Eyeliner

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to share this recipe with you. Eyeliner is one of those things I have tried (and failed to make) many, many times. I tried many times, and ended up tossing a lot of small dishes of darkly coloured muck down the sink. However, I believe I have finally come up with something with which I am happy. Awesome!

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Homemade High Beam Highlighting Creme

One of the most amusing trends that swings back and forth is the trend of how your skin should look—dewy and moist, or matte and dry (or glittery, if it’s the 90’s). Since I don’t particularly care one way or another (oddly enough, I feel that skin should look like skin, and beyond that I don’t really care), I get a bit of a kick out of noticing popular opinion change. Anyhow, this lovely little lotion type concoction nicely walks that line, lending a bit of glimmer and brightness without staying into glitter or shine territory.


The store bought product this is based on is one manufactured by Benefit cosmetics. I really like a lot of their aesthetic philosophies (generally, brighten, define the brows, and bring out those eyelashes), so I have a handful of their products, and I quite like them. I just don’t always like the price tag for something that is basically just pale pink goo.



I’m really excited about this brightlighter! I know I seem to be saying that a lot these days, but it’s true. I feel like I’ve figured a few great things out over the last few months, and I’m having tons of fun with those discoveries. This little stick is fantastic—it instantly brightens your face and eyes, and it smells like chocolate thanks to the cocoa butter it’s made with. It’s great for quickly pulling yourself together, and since it’s in a tube it’s perfect for throwing in your purse or gym bag.

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Super Gentle Homemade Eye Make-Up Remover

I’ve made a few forays into homemade eye make-up remover. My latest version worked really well, but as it sat on my vanity, the strength of the emulsifying wax slowly increased, and my nice, creamy (but liquid) eye make-up remover gradually turned into something rather too thick and creamy to use easily on the eyes without adding more water (it worked brilliantly for getting face make-up off, though). So, this recipe makes a thinner, definitely liquid remover. It’s just emulsified oil and water, with a bit of glycerin. It works like a charm as long as you’re not wearing waterproof mascara (though I’m beginning to think nothing takes off waterproof mascara except maybe turpentine… which I am not going to test for obvious reasons…).



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