Creamy Stick Lip Tints

When it comes to makeup I actually wear on a regular basis I find I tend towards subtle, easy-to-apply stuff (read: stuff that goes on easily and lightly enough that it disguises my amateurish makeup application skills). These lip tints were born of my initial experiments with TKB Trading’s new lipstick mold, and I was swept off my feet from the first application. A bright, punchy tube of pigment that blends in with my natural lip colour to create a fantastic, wearable, and easily applied hit of colour? Colour me sold.

How to Make Creamy Stick Lip Tints


Creamy Lip Balm

This rich, creamy lip balm came out of the experiments I did as I was developing my recipe for my Basic Moldable Lipstick Base. It was the far end of my “let’s make this creamier” experiments, and while I loved how it felt, it basically glued itself to the inside of the lipstick mold and refused to budge. Not one to let something that luxxy go to waste, though, I decided it should be a lip balm instead!

How to Make Creamy Lip Balm


Basic Moldable Lipstick Base

When I got my awesome little TKB Trading Lipstick Mold one of the first things I wanted to investigate was the compatibility of the lipstick recipes in my book with the mold. The compatibility was resoundingly… not. Efforts to use the lipstick bases from my book resulted in lipsticks that looked like they’d been torn in half. They wouldn’t come out of the mold in one piece (or even three) to save they lives—I had to dig them out with the handle of a spoon and many, many cotton buds. Boo. Oh well, at least we know. Anyhow, with my learnings from working with TKB’s lovely moldable lipstick base I set off to create my own. As you can probably guess I’ve got a lot of cosmetic type ingredients so I’m thinking I’ll create at least two different bases; this one will be a more basic one, featuring easier-to-purchase ingredients.

How to Make a Basic Moldable Lipstick Base


Rose Cardamom Cleansing Conditioner

After making and testing my Cream of Earl Grey Cleansing Conditioner I fell in love with the concept and the product. I found it left my hair incredibly soft and manageable, and I loved the single step in the shower. Working palmfuls of creamy conditioner through my hair felt positively decadent, and my hair was always super easy to comb through. I did, however, run out of the stuff incredibly fast. It turns I go through an awful lot of the stuff with my thick, but not all that long hair. In my world running out of stuff is a plus, though, because that means I get to make more and try new things (woo!).

How to Make Rose Cardamom Cleansing Conditioner


Center Stage Glow Serum

This project was inspired by one of the first bits of makeup I ever fell in love with. When I was growing up my mom made a point of taking advantage of those “spend $X and get this miraculous goody bag of sample-sized treats for free” at the Estée Lauder makeup counter at The Bay, meaning she’d often come home with a tote bag of things that she didn’t have much use for—so I got to inherit some of it! The thing that stuck out most was the cutest little tube (it might’ve been 3mL!) of something called Spotlight. It’s since been discontinued, but I remember being utterly smitten with its soft pink hue, hint of shimmer, and ability to make my still-amazing-because-I-was-12 skin look extra radiant. I liked it enough to actually attempt to purchase it, but 12 year old me nearly fainted when she found out it was a couple months worth of allowance, and decided she could do without it. Anyhow, for some reason I got to thinking about this product a couple weeks ago and thought “Hey! I could do that!”.

How to Make Center Stage Glow Serum


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