Easy Non-Greasy Hand Lotion

Hand lotion is a skincare staple; heck, even my dad uses it! But, if your handmade lotions are anything like the ones I made when I was a new maker, you’ve probably noticed that your DIY versions are really different from products sold by big brands like Cerave, Cetaphil, and La Roche Posay. They’re probably greasier than the hand lotions you buy from the store, and might also be getting stuck in the bottom of your pump top bottles, forcing you to go full ‘dipstick‘ to use them up.


Easy Emulsified Body Butter

If you’ve been frustrated by heavy, melt-prone body butters, this is the formulation for you. In this post I’ll be teaching you how to make an easy 7-ingredient body butter that is lighter than traditional DIY body butters, won’t melt in hot weather, won’t seize up if it gets too cold, and won’t go grainy on you. It’s also cheaper to make!


Easy Natural Lotion for Beginners

If you’ve been wanting to dive into making your very own easy natural lotion, start here! This post is the first in a series on how to create your very own lotions. Today I’ll teach you how to make a basic lotion, and in upcoming posts I’ll teach you how to customize it (and any other lotion, really!) in all kinds of different ways (thicker, thinner, richer, lighter, and more!). Every instalment in this series will have both a blog post and a video to ensure I’m sharing as much information as possible; please make sure you go through both parts of each instalment to get the full benefit of this free series ❤️ Let’s dive in!

How to Make Easy Natural Lotion


Easy DIY Cleansing Balm: 3 Ways

Cleansing balms are a fabulous way to cleanse the skin (they’re especially great for removing long-wearing makeup!), and they’re really easy to make. In this post I’ll teach you how to make three different simple cleansing balm formulations. Each uses just three or four easy-to-get ingredients, and I explain the purpose (and substitution options) for all of them so you’ll understand how cleansing balm formulations work. Let’s get started!

How to Make Easy DIY Cleansing Balm


Super Simple Creamy Hair Conditioner: 3 Ways

In this post I’ll be teaching you how to make three different emulsified, rinse-out Super Simple Creamy Hair Conditioner formulations using BTMS-25. All three formulations are really easy to make, and they build on one another. The first one is the simplest with just three ingredients; the second one adds two ingredients; and the third one adds two more. If you’ve never made hair conditioner before, or you’re looking to learn how to start customizing your own conditioner formulations, this is a great place to start!