Vanilla Coco Body Lotion

This decadent Vanilla Coco Body Lotion smells wonderfully of vanilla, chocolate, and coconut. I may or may not have spent an embarrassingly long time smelling my hands after testing it out for the first time (and after every subsequent use, if we’re being honest). This lotion has become a quick favourite with many of my female friends, and they can’t stop sniffing their hands either. So yes, it smells awesome, and it’s not just me.

How to make Vanilla Coco Body Lotion How to make Vanilla Coco Body Lotion


Perfect Body Butter Bars

I’m having a hard time deciding what it is I love most about these perfect body butter bars. Is it how they melt perfectly on contact with my skin and absorb quickly? Is it their amazing, delicious scent, which comes entirely from the butters and oils they’re made from? Is it that you just need three ingredients and maybe 10 minutes to make them? Perhaps I’ll never be able to decide, but suffice it to say, there’s something in these bars for everybody to love.

How to make Perfect Body Butter Bars


The Easiest Body Butter Bars Ever

I am absolutely in love with cocoa butter these days. It just smells so good, and it melts at just the right temperature, and it’s all smooth and soft (unlike some butters which are sticky on the skin). Best of all, it leaves you smelling of a beautiful, high-end chocolate bar, and that is just fantastic. And… you can use it to make the easiest body butter bars ever. Seriously.

How to make The Easiest Body Butter Bars Ever How to make The Easiest Body Butter Bars Ever (more…)

Coco-Cocoa Whipped Body Butter

Whipped body butter is like body butter, but far more decadent. The luxury factor is totally worth the bit of added effort—you feel like you’re frosting yourself, but it a totally non-cannibalistic way.


Whipped body butter makes great gifts that never fail to impress aunts, mothers, and grandmas everywhere. Because of it’s softer, airy consistency, it is easier to over-apply, so I tend to use whipped body butter before going to bed, or before putting on a big ‘ol pair of socks for a few hours. I’m always rewarded with soft feet and silky smooth skin. (more…)

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