When I was a kid I spent so much time outdoors each summer that my hair would lighten substantially. As a 6 year old with a hard and fast desire to have Princess Leia buns one day (took me a few years to figure out those were hair pieces…), the ends of my growing hair were always a little lighter than the roots come spring. I once had a woman insist I had dyed my hair as she’d met me the previous winter (8 year old me was very amused). Anyhow, I just can’t get outside that much anymore (sad), so this year I thought I’d encourage it.


This spray is made with three natural ingredients that are said to help gently and naturally lighten hair (I wasn’t about to start spritzing my head with peroxide). Chamomile is a long time favourite for blondes, and lemon juice has been used to help sun bleach hair. Cinnamon is said to have a peroxide content—I’ve read online accounts of people adding cinnamon or cassia essential oil to their shampoo and accidentally lightening their hair over a few months. So, I thought I’d give that a go as well. Plus, cinnamon and lemon smell fantastic together.

13-08-02-pic06 13-08-02-pic08

I’ve been spritzing the lower half of my hair with it frequently, and when I’m in the sun I can definitely see bright gold highlights. It isn’t bleached, but the highlights are much brighter than before. Hello, summer!

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Chamomile, Lemon & Cinnamon Lightening Hair Mist

½ cup dried chamomile flowers
1 cup just-boiled water

40 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
20 drops cassia essential oil
40 drops lemon essential oil
2 tsp polysorbate 20 (USA / Canadaor Turkey Red Oil (optional, but you’ll need to shake vigorously before spritzing if you leave it out)

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)
I recommend 1.3g Liquid Germall Plus

Pour the boiling water over the chamomile flowers and let the mixture steep until the water is at room temperature. Strain the chamomile flowers from the water; discard the flowers, reserve the water.

Blend the essential oils with the Polysorbate 20 or Turkey Red Oil. Mix the essential oil mixture into the chamomile water.

Spritz into your hair frequently and enjoy the honey highlights!