Chia seeds are pretty cool. Sure, they’re nutritious. They’ve got lots of omega-3’s, healthy fats, fibre, and protein, along with a good dose of calcium. But that’s not really why I think they’re cool. They’re cool because they absorb water and expand into awesome little jelloid balls of gooey awesomeness.


While a spoonful of chia seeds in a glass of water is pretty neat, I wanted to add some flavour as having them in plain water is a bit like having a chewy glass of water, which is kind of weird. I guess I feel like adding a bit of flavour helps justify the texture difference to my brain.


As soon as I knew I needed flavour, I knew I needed iced tea. I iced up a batch of DavidsTea’s Paradise Lost (one of my favourite iced teas, though there are lots of great ones). Sadly, I just discovered that Paradise Lost has been discontinued. (Sometimes I really wonder about the folks at DavidsTea—the teas that end up in their permanent collection don’t always deserve it, at least in my opinion. Oh well, I guess they aren’t called MariesTea, so I shouldn’t complain, haha.) Anyhow, any nice, fruity iced tea will work nicely here.


Chia Seed Bubble Tea

~500mL iced fruity tea, unsweetened
1 tbsp chia seeds

Pour yourself a tall glass of iced tea and add the chia seeds. Stir every few minutes, letting the seeds expand. Feel free to start drinking the tea after about 5 minutes, though the seeds will continue to expand. The bottom of the drink will be pretty thick, which is kind of cool!


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