I had great Halloween costumes as a kid. My mom was a fantastic seamstress who made us (my brother and I) new costumes every other year. As kids we went as rabbits and dinosaurs, and then graduated up to princesses, ninjas, fairy princesses, storm troopers, and (one especially cold year) Queen Amidala on Hoth.

How to Make Chocolate Lip Balm

Then I learned to sew on my own and slowly began stepping out as characters like Elizabeth Bennett (3x so far), Rose (4x so far), a peacock, Padmé Amidala, a hypothermic Titanic sailor, Belle, an eclipse (that was mistaken for a burn victim), and anything else that catches my fancy and/or matches a costume I’ve already made.


How to Make Chocolate Lip Balm

Sadly, I’ve been far too old to trick-or-treating for quite some time now, and since the clubs are hardly my scene (my petticoats would be utterly destroyed!), I prefer house parties with close friends. These fantastic little tubes of chocolate lip balm make for great party favours.


How to Make Chocolate Lip Balm

My recent discovery of dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada) inspired me to make these for Halloween, but they’re fantastic all year round. They’re both a trick (don’t eat them!) and a treat (they smell divine). They’re also super easy to whip up, and at $0.27/tube, they scarcely cost more than a miniature candy bar.


1How to Make Chocolate Lip Balm

The quality of the ingredients is super important here, so make sure you get some deliciously fragrant cocoa butter (USA / Canada) and coconut oil to get the full, rich, chocolatey punch! The resulting lip balm is a dark, chocolately colour, but goes on pretty much transparent, so there’s no need to worry about looking like you’ve just raided the candy stash whenever you apply it.


How to Make Chocolate Lip Balm

Chocolate Lip Balm

10g | 0.35oz dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
6g | 0.21oz super fragrant white cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
4g | 0.14oz super fragrant extra virgin coconut oil
4g | 0.14oz beeswax
2 drops cocoa absolute (optional)

Weigh the beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter (USA / Canada)s out into a heat resistant glass measuring cup. Place the measuring cup in a pot of barely simmering water to melt the oils.

Stir in the cocoa absolute (if using) with a flexible silicone spatula. Pour the liquid lip balm into five or six lip balm tubes and let cool. I like to use these labels to label my projects.

If you don’t have dark cocoa butter (USA / Canada), feel free to just use the white stuff. You can probably fake it by using 10–13g of the white stuff and bringing the total up to 16g with some high quality unsweetened chocolate, but I haven’t tried this myself.