A huge part of Christmas is the smells—to me, at least. The indoor fir tree, baking, gingerbread, oranges stuffed with cloves, mulled wine, and the contrasts between hot and cold; crackling fires and crisp, cold air. I just love it! So, in true holiday fashion, I developed a handful of essential oil blends for your diffuser to help your nose really enjoy your December—even if your oven isn’t constantly baking cookies, or your tree is fake. Enjoy!

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

To enjoy these blends you’ll need a diffuser of some variety. There are two main types; an ultrasonic diffuser that diffuses your essential oils in a cool mist with no added heat, and heat powered ones (usually a light bulb or a small flame underneath a dish with some water and your essential oil blend, though some also use pads). I far and away prefer ultrasonic diffusers, though I do have both. Ultrasonic diffusers burble away in a lovely brook-like manner (which I adore) and because there’s no added heat, you get the full benefits of your essential oils. They also automatically shut off when they run dry, unlike the heat powered ones, which have no idea when they’ve run dry. Both types of diffuser will work, and while the heated ones are definitely cheaper, if you enjoy essential oils, I can’t recommend a good ultrasonic diffuser enough. The one I have is from a Canadian brand called Saje, and it’s served me well.

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

Each blend is for a single use in a 200–300mL (7–10 fl oz) diffuser. If you want to scale it up, you can change the word “drops” to “grams” and weigh out the blend into a 5mL essential oil bottle. DO NOT ADD CARRIER OILS. This will destroy your diffuser.

Frosted Forest

This blend is wonderfully fresh and faintly sweet, with citrussy top notes. It smells like cold, clean air, a Christmas tree, and December clementines.

4 drops spruce essential oil
3 drops fir essential oil
3 drops clementine essential oil
3 drops cajeput essential oil

Spiced Punch

Every year my mum makes a lovely mulled cider sort of thing with apple juice, cranberry juice, and lots of lovely spices (it’s fantastic mixed with whiskey), and that’s what this blend reminds me of. It’s warmly spiced with some nice fresh top notes, and reminds me of mum’s cider on the stove with the Christmas tree set up in the corner.

2 drops clove bud essential oil
2 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
4 drops fir essential oil
2 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops cajeput essential oil

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Juicy, citrussy top notes fade to cool freshness with a hint of spice; this one is extra great if somebody in the house has the sniffles.

4 drops eucalyptus radiata essential oil
2 drops clementine essential oil
7 drops pine essential oil
1 drop nutmeg essential oil

Morning Frost

This blend is fresh, clean, calming, and just a little sweet. I love how fresh it is, while still being comforting and wonderfully seasonal.

6 drops eucalyptus radiata essential oil
2 drops clementine essential oil
6 drops spruce essential oil
2 drops lavender essential oil

A note on substitutions and alternatives; Eucalyptus radiata can be swapped for eucalyptus globulus easily. Tangerine and mandarin are good alternatives for clementine, but orange will also work. Fir, spruce, and pine can all be swapped around relatively easily. Also, it’s hard to go too far wrong combining citrus, coniferous trees, and some spice essential oils!

Christmas Essential Oil Diffuser Blends