There are few things more lovely about Christmas than the way your home smells with a tree in your parlour. Really, why don’t we keep fir trees in our homes year round? They smell fantastic—far better than dog, dust, and old furniture, or whatever houses usually smell like. Anyhow, if it is going to be Christmas time, I am going to milk it for all it is worth with a delightful inspired by Christmas room spray.

Christmas Room Spray

The base of the spray is fir and cedarwood, two scents which never fail to remind me of Christmas trees. Then; orange, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. Delicious scents that bring about memories of Christmas supper and baking, and general warmth. Last, a hint of wood smoke from the birch tar (which smell more of campfires than you can imagine),  and a wee hint of cocoa, as Christmas is nothing without a surplus of chocolate.

Christmas Room Spray

The final spray can be misted about wherever you’d like a boost of holiday cheer.

Christmas Room Spray

Christmas Room Spray

30 drops fir essential oil
20 drops cedarwood essential oil
20 drops orange essential oil
10 drops vanilla essential oil
10 drops frankincense essential oil
5 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
5 drops clove bud essential oil
1/2 drop birch tar essential oil (or vetiver)
1 drop cocoa absolute

Solubilizer—equal volume to that of the essential oils (optional—see other methods below the instructions)
Water, to fill your bottle

Measure out the essential oils into your empty spray bottle (I used a 50mL one). Top with the solubilizer (if you’re using it) and swirl to combine. You want to have a 1:1 ratio (by volume) of solubilizer to essential oils to ensure everything emulsifies properly.

Add water to fill the bottle half way, cap, and shake to mix (it’s easier to get everything to mix when you have some shaking room). Add more water to fill, and give it a light shake to combine everything.

Spritz whenever you need a sensory boost of the Christmas spirit!

You have two non-solubilizer options: One is to simply dissolve the essential oils in perfumery alchohol (cheap vodka will do) and use that as your spritz. The other is to mix the oils into a low-scent carrier oil (though this will not spray well [it mostly blasts out of misters] and is quite messy as you are basically hosing your house with scented oil).

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