Christmas Tree Recipes

Celebrate the 2018 holiday season with a full suite of highly gift-able Christmas Tree themed recipes!

Making Substitutions

Don’t have the oil or butter called for in the recipe? Here’s a guide on how to choose a good alternative from what you do have.

What's with the waxes?

Beeswax, carnauba wax, candelila wax, bayberry wax—how are they different? Can you use one instead of another?

Help, I made a mess!

My best tips for cleaning up your DIY messes 🙂

Christmas Tree Body Wash

This fragrant, bubbly body wash has quickly become an in-shower favourite for me. I love the consistency, I love the bubbles, and I love the crystal clarity of it if you choose a water soluble colourant. I’m calling it a body wash here, but it also makes a great hand...

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Christmas Tree Hand & Body Lotion

This sweetly scented Christmas Tree Hand & Body Lotion is just the thing for dry winter skin. It has a wonderful rich consistency, but is surprisingly light. It's packed with humectants and soothing ingredients to help tame dry, itchy skin, leaving it soft and...

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Christmas Tree Bath Bombs

Today we're making some fun, colourful Christmas Tree Bath Bombs! I took some decoration inspiration from the top of the Christmas Tree Soap bars pre-swirling, and had a lot of fun playing with mica splatters and scatters after molding up all the bath bombs. The base...

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Christmas Tree Foaming Whipped Body Scrub

Today's DIY is a super-fun Christmas Tree Foaming Whipped Body Scrub. It's a creamy white base speckled with green and gold VitaBurst beads. It smells like a Christmas tree and is a super fun way to pamper yourself (and your giftees!) come bath time. You can customize...

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Christmas Tree Foaming Hand Wash

If you've got guests coming to stay with you this holiday season I highly recommend whipping up a jumbo-sized batch of this hand wash so you can all have clean, holiday-scented hands in the midst of this busy season. Out of everything we're making for this holiday...

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Christmas Tree Soap

Welcome to our second and final soap of the 2018 holiday soaping season—Christmas Tree Soap! These clean white bars feature an abstract Christmas-tree-inspired swirl down the centre and a topping of dancing mica swirls. I had so much fun creating these bars, and the...

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