Right around this time of year I find I’m really drawn to deep, spicy, complex scents. Something interesting and unique, with just a hint of the familiar. Something like cinnamon and patchouli.


From the cinnamon you get great warm, familiar notes of spice and autumn. From the patchouli there’s a great complexity, along with an almost dry spice smell that compliments the cinnamon beautifully. The resulting soap is perfect for Christmas gifts, guest bathrooms, and anybody who enjoys a bit of mystery with their morning shower.


Cinnamon & Patchouli Soap

35% olive oil
25% coconut oil
15% lard or tallow
15% shea butter
10% castor oil

5 or 6% superfat

Per 500g (1.1lbs) oils:

Follow standard soap making procedure. When you reach a fairly thick trace, add the essential oils and clay. Pour half the soap into the mold. Stir the ground cinnamon into the remaining half of the soap, and pour that into the mold on top of the first half.

Let saponify for 24 hours, slice, and let age at least 3 weeks.


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