Maria sent in a request for this lovely essential oil powered pillow mist, and I just loved the sound of it. The original was designed to help prevent breakouts caused by a dirty pillowcase, but with its lovely blend of essential oils, it’ll also help lull you into a citrus-scented sleep in no time.

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I decided to run with a blend of calming lavender, cleansing grapefruit, and anti-bacterial tea tree essential oils. If you don’t have these three particular essential oils, feel free to create a blend of calming, cleansing, anti-bacterial essential oils from what you do have on hand.

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I’ve boosted the essential oils’ germ-busting power by using high proof rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol to dissolve the essential oils so they’ll disperse in water evenly. If you don’t have high proof (at least 70%) rubbing alcohol you can use solubilizer (polysorbate 20) instead, but it doesn’t have the same disinfecting properties. I do not recommend using a blend of Turkey Red Oil and guar gum here as the added viscosity means you’ll get more of a jet than a mist when you spray this on your pillow.

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The rest of the spray is a blend of water and anti-microbial witch hazel. This spray comes together in a jiffy, is incredibly easy to make, and makes a lovely addition to any bedtime routing. Give it a go, I think you’ll like it 🙂

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Clean Dreams Pillow Mist

20 drops lavender essential oil
20 drops grapefruit essential oil (pink or white)
10 drops tea tree essential oil
15mL | 1 tbsp high proof (99%) isopropyl alcohol (or other high proof clear grain alcohol)

Water, as needed
Witch hazel, as needed

60mL | 2 fl oz spray bottle

Count out the drops of the essential oils into the bottom of your spray bottle, and top off with the 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol. Cap the bottle, turn to combine, and leave the essential oils and alcohol to mingle and dissolve for at least 10 minutes.

Top off the bottle with equal parts water and witch hazel (I found I needed about 20mL/4 tsp of each), cap, and turn to combine.

To use, mist the mixture over your pillowcase a few minutes before going to sleep.


Due to the high alcohol concentration in this pillow mist, it doesn’t need a preservative. It does, however, need a minimum of 20% alcohol content for that to remain true. As written, with 99% isopropyl alcohol, this spray is approximately 25% alcohol. If you need to use a weaker alcohol, increase the alcohol percentage and decrease the amount of water accordingly. So, if you were using a 50% alcohol, you’d need to use 30mL (2 tbsp) alcohol and one less tablespoon of water to maintain that 20% minimum.

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