A few months ago I ordered a replacement for my trusty iPhone case. Speck #1 had served me well, so I replaced it with Speck #2 and Speck #3. I’ve always liked the fabric-backed case look, so I got two more, and they are cute. Simultaneously colourful and protective. BAM.

The top is what I've cleaned, the bottom is still dirty. Ick, eh?

Case #2, with it’s lovely purple floral pattern on a white background, has served me well since Case #1 was sent to the great iPhone in the sky. Unfortunately, that lovely, stark white background just wasn’t looking so stark anymore. It was looking narsty. A bit of ground in melted chocolate here, and a lot of general dirt and grime there… ew. But I fixed it!

All you’ll need is a toothbrush, baking soda (USA / Canada), hydrogen peroxide, and a little container to mix things together in.

This is what I started with. Take a look at the colour of the fabric between the letters at the bottom of the case to see how dirty it is!

Start by removing your phone from the case. This step is not optional, folks. If you can’t figure it out, YouTube it.

Then mix together 2 tsp each of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda (USA / Canada) in that container. Stir them together with the toothbrush, get a bit of the mixture on the toothbrush, and start scrubbing. You’ll want to do this over the sink as you will be surprised and disgusted by the amount of grimy water that immediately starts washing off your case.

Et voila! All clean!

Once your case is nice and clean (use the part of the case that is protected by the raised brand letters to judge), give it a quick rinse under some running water and pat dry thoroughly. Let dry completely before putting it back on your phone (duh). Try not to scrub too long, and don’t leave it to soak. I’m not sure what glue Speck uses, but it is probably some kind of soluble, and you don’t want your newly cleaned fabric backing to peel right off.