Back in March Olivia sent in a really cool recipe request—a request for a cleansing hair mud. Huh. Intriguing. Colour me interested (both in the mud and in cleaning my shower, apparently). The original she linked to was basically just a runny herb-infused clay mask that was used to clean the hair. Cool!


I started moreso with the idea than the ingredient list from the original. I settled on a clay base of detoxifying bentonite and cleansing rhassoul clays for a good cleansing kick.

15-08-10-pic01 15-08-10-pic02

At first I was going to hydrate the clays straight away, to make for a mud-in-a-bottle experience. But then I started thinking about mould, and how much mould would love to set up shop in a bottle of herb-spiked mud in my warm shower. So, I devised a dry solution.


Aloe vera juice became powdered aloe vera concentrated. I ground the herbs I wanted to include (shavegrass root to help strengthen hair, and marshmallow root to add slip to keep long hair from tying itself into knots). I also added some yucca root, which contains natural saponins to help combat the greasies.


That left me with a bunch of just-add-water hair mud (or dirt, I suppose). From here it’s easy to make up single-use batches to avoid bacterial fuzzies.


This will definitely make a mess. Do it in a your tub, preferably directly before you were planning on scrubbing it out anyways. I sat in the tub water, wet my hair, and then poured out palmfuls of the mud mix, which I then massaged into my hair and scalp. I tried pouring the bowl over my head, but it turns out my aim isn’t that great. I ended up with splatters of mud all over the tub and shoulders. I took a selfie with the intentions of sharing it, but it’s entirely too sad and gross looking to ever be made public, so I’ll leave you to your imagination there.


The mud has a bit of grit to it, which feels nice on the scalp, and as you rinse it out you get a bit of a mud bath as well (so be sure to rinse off all of you before climbing out of the tub).

Cleansing Herbal Hair Mud

1/3 cup bentonite clay
1/3 cup rhassoul clay
1 pinch 200x concentrate aloe vera powder (or 2 tsp aloe vera powder)
1 tsp powdered shavegrass root
1 tsp powdered marshmallow root
1 tsp powdered yucca root

To mix: ½ cup water + 2 tbsp mud mix (double for long, thick hair), essential oils of choice

Combine all the ingredients in a jar, seal it, and shake to combine.

To use, mix one part clay with four parts water to make mud in a plastic bowl, and add any essential oils you’re craving that day. In the tub, scoop palmfuls of mud into your already wet hair and massage it in before thoroughly rinsing your hair (I did a tub rinse and a shower rinse to be certain).