This silky, cocoa-scented powder leaves your skin smooth, softly fragrant, and happy. It’s perfect for a light dose of moisture (and moisture control) on a humid day, or for dusting between your legs on a summers day where you intend to wear a skirt or shorter shorts.

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Lush sells something similar for dusting ones underpants with, and Jennifer also requested something similar. If you know me, you know I love cocoa butter (USA / Canada) (and clay), so this was right up my alley. Mmm, cocoa.


This powder is made from just three easy ingredientsโ€”cocoa butter, of course; clay (I used kaolin, but something else that’s fine and moderately skin-toned will also work); and arrowroot starch. After that you just need a DIY coffee grinder.


I started by blitzing the cocoa butter (USA / Canada) (choose smaller bits, rather than a large chunk) with two teaspoons of arrowroot starch. That quickly turned into a nice powder. And here’s where I made a mistake only recognizable in hindsight. I kept blending everything together in the coffee grinder, and it burnt out my coffee grinder ๐Ÿ™ So, I’m advising you to stop while you’re aheadโ€”do the initial cocoa-busting blend in the coffee grinder, and then move things to a bowl so you can just stir things together, since that actually works better and won’t destroy your coffee grinder.

RIP, coffee grinder :(

RIP, coffee grinder ๐Ÿ™

The final powder is fine enough to store in a powder bottle (like baby powder comes in), which is great for easy application. I just shake a bit into my hand, or straight onto the area I’m going to apply it, and glide/massage it over the skin. It vanishes in an instant, leaving your skin wonderfully smooth (and not at all white… well, for me, at least).


Cocoa Butter Body Dust

6 tsp arrowroot starch (you can also use cornstarch or wheat starch)
4 tsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
10g cocoa butter (USA / Canada)

Combine the cocoa butter (USA / Canada) and 2 tsp of the arrowroot powder in your DIY coffee grinder and blitz into a fine powder.

Transfer the powder to a bowl or jar, and add the rest of the starch and the clay. Stir to combine.

Decant to a powder bottle for storage.