Around this time of year I go nuts for lotion. The moisture (what little we have here) just vanishes out of the air, leaving me waking up parched each morning, with irritatingly tight, dry skin. So, I think it’s kind of understandable that come November, I usually have 4 bottles of homemade lotion on the go. Stashed in my purse, on my desk, my bedside table, at work—anywhere I might be for more than an hour or so. I miss summer.



Anyhow, this lotion is downright lovely. Instead of water, I used coconut milk. I just used dried powdered coconut milk (USA / Canada) to turn water into coconut milk (like rather lame magic) rather than opening an entire can, but if you’ve got some left over from a curry or something, feel free to use the real stuff.



Beyond the coconut milk, a hint of benzoin essential oil adds a nice, subtle vanilla-ish scent that compliments the hint of coconut nicely. It’s great if you’re sensitive to strong scents. It also absorbs like a dream, leaving your skin soft and happy.



Coconut Body Cream

6g | 0.21oz emulsimulse emulsifying wax (or another complete emulsifying wax you have on hand—beeswax will not work!)
7g | 0.25oz grapeseed oil

36mL | 1.22 fl oz coconut milk (or 36mL water and 2 tsp powdered coconut milk (USA / Canada))
1g | 0.03oz vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada)

2 drops benzoin or vanilla essential oil

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Melt the emulsifying wax and grapeseed oil together. While they melt, warm the coconut milk and glycerin together, stirring to combine.

Once the oils have melted, add the coconut milk mixture to the pan and whisk to combine. Warm everything to the same temperature (ensuring the wax is still melted).

Remove the mixture from the heat and whisk everything together. If you’re using emulsimulse, you’ll need to whisk very frequently as it cools. It will go a bit funny on you for a moment—keep whisking, and it will quickly turn into a thick, creamy lotion. Once cool, whisk in your essential oils and preservative. Decant into a pump-top bottle or jar and enjoy!

New to lotion making? Watch my basic lotion how to video!

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