I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: out of all the things I’ve discovered in my natural/DIY journeys, face masks are easily in the top 5 (along with argan oil). They vacuum out pores, increase circulation, boost healing, gently exfoliate, and seemingly put a hex on blemishes (in a good way). They are amazing, and I refuse to go a week without doing one. I take the dried powder with me on all my vacations, and as a result I’ve done face masks in hotel rooms and hostels across the UK and Canada (doubtlessly terrifying maids with the towels I left behind… sorry!).


This mask uses French green clay (USA / Canada) for the base. It’s my all time favourite clay, hands down. I’ve added some bentonite clay for added detox, and zinc oxide to boost healing and anti-acne properties.


And then there’s the coconut milk. Wonderful, delicious coconut milk. It’s not only delicious in curries, but also fantastic for the skin. It can soothe eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It helps restore moisture, boost skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and help heal burns. It also smells like a tropical vacation. Fantastic.


The resulting mask is smooth and creamy, and leaves your skin happy and refreshed. Follow it up with some argan oil and enjoy your baby face 🙂


Coconut Cream Face Mask

1 tbsp French green clay (USA / Canada)
1½ tsp bentonite clay
1½ tsp zinc oxide
1½ tsp powdered coconut milk (or use coconut milk instead of water)
Essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and black pepper

Blend all the ingredients together, either in a small dish or in a coffee grinder (the coffee grinder really boosts the luxury factor by giving you an extra smooth mask).

Mix a spoonful of the powder or two with warm water until it’s smooth and creamy. Spread on your face, let dry, and then wash off. I find it’s best to rehydrate the mask with a damp washcloth before washing it off to make things more comfortable.