I am utterly smitten with this Cold Snap Cleansing Balm. I’ve already emptied two tins of it. It’s perfectly soft and smooth, and leaves my skin delightfully clean without drying it out. A wee bit of menthol gives it a perfect wee tingle that’s perfect for first thing in the morning, and the scent is beautifully fresh and just a wee bit floral. I love it.


The cleansing kick comes from emulsifying wax. Soap is also an emulsifier, making e-wax an easy way to get soap-like cleansing (well, all cleansers are also emulsifiers, but work with me here) without needing to make soap or use surfactants. You can use whatever emulsifying wax you have on hand, just make sure it’s a complete one, and not a partial/incomplete emulsifying wax.

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I’ve used an essential oil blend that reminds me of cold winter air; those days when you step outside and your nostrils freeze shut. As you walk, your eyelashes collect steam from your breath and slowly freeze together. The kind of day most sane human beings (myself included) genuinely do not want to be out of doors (and for very good reason).

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Once it’s all together you’ll have a couple lovely golden pots of creamy cleansing goodness. I think you’ll love the minty tingle and the fresh scent, especially first thing in the morning. Give it a go!

Cold Snap Cleansing Balm

30g | 1.06oz complete emulsifying wax (not beeswax!)
14g | 0.5oz virgin coconut oil
14g | 0.5oz mango butter (USA / Canada)
1g | 0.03oz menthol crystals
14g | 0.5oz castor oil (USA / Canada)
8g | 0.28oz sea buckthorn seed oil
20g | 0.7oz jojoba oil (USA / Canada)
8g | 0.28oz candelilla wax
8g | 0.28oz soy lecithinΒ or sunflower lecithin (liquid is easiest to work with)

30 drops fir essential oil
4 drops cardamom essential oil
6 drops michelia alba essential oil

Weigh out the emulsifying wax, coconut oil, mango butter (USA / Canada), menthol crystals, castor oil (USA / Canada), sea buckthorn seed oil, jojoba oil (USA / Canada), candelilla wax, and soy lecithin into a small heat resistant glass measuring cup. Place the measuring cup in a small saucepan of simmering water and heat through until everything has melted.

Remove the measuring cup from the water bath and stir in the essential oils with a flexible silicone spatula. Pour into little jars or tinsβ€”this amount will fill four 30mL/1 ounce tin.

To use, scoop out a small amount (pea-sized-ish) with a dry finger. Splash your face with water, and then rub your palms together with a bit of water, like you’re trying to work up a lather with a bar of soap. Massage the balm into your face, and then wipe it off with a warm, wet face cloth. Tada! Follow up with some magical primrose argan serum if you are so inclined πŸ™‚

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