Every year or so I make a new batch of deodorant because the homemade stuff eventually stops working. The baking soda (USA / Canada) does its thing inside the tube instead of under your arms, and then all you really have left is a little tube of body butter.

This year I decided to add some comfrey root and calendula infused olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada). A few months ago Dove sent me a tube of sample deodorant. It was accompanied by a piece of paper that told me that my armpits are ugly and spotty because I shave, which makes my skin dry and unhappy. And splotchy and weird coloured. Oh dear. I had no idea my armpits were so ugly. Great, another thing to be insecure about. Thanks, Dove. So much for your “real beauty” campaign.

Anyhow, this magical, complex-creating deodorant is “made with calendula and sunflower seed extracts”. OK. I can do that. Also, my armpits look great. But still, I was intrigued by the idea of using calendula in deodorant as I have had a jar of calendula olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada) steeping for almost a year, so that stuff has to be potent by now.

I also recently ordered some comfrey root powder. I’ve noticed comfrey root popping up in a lot of healing balms for climbers and what not, so I thought it would be an appropriate addition. It also has a nice nutty, earthy smell. I finished off with essential oils of lavender, tea tree, and rosemary; all antibacterial and what not.

The resulting deodorant is nice and creamy, with a slight brown tint and some nice little brown flecks that make it look delightfully organic. It goes on smoothly (in summer weather, at least…it’s a bit stickier in the winter), and works like a charm. With no weird, sketchy ingredients like aluminum and silicone by-products.

Comfrey Root & Calendula Deodorant

8g | 0.28oz beeswax (USA / Canada)
10g | 0.35oz unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada)
6g | 0.21oz cocoa butter (USA / Canada)
16g | 0.56oz calendula infused olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada) (learn how to make your own here)
12g | 0.42oz baking soda (USA / Canada)
8g | 0.28oz cornstarch or arrowroot starch
0.5g | 0.02oz comfrey root powder
20 drops Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)
~30 drops essential oils of choice (I recommend a blend of lavender, tea tree, & rosemary)

Weigh the beeswax, unrefined shea butter (USA / Canada), cocoa butter (USA / Canada), and olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada) into a small heat resistant glass measuring cup. Place that measuring cup in a small saucepan that contains about 2.5cm/1″ of water that’s hot and steaming, but not bubbling (medium-low heat is usually a good heat level to achieve this). Leave the measuring cup over the heat for about twenty minutes to melt everything through.

Once everything has melted, blend in the baking soda (USA / Canada), cornstarch, and comfrey root powder with a flexible silicone spatula.

Remove the saucepan from the heat, and remove the measuring cup from the water bath and dry it off. Stir the mixture as it cools. Once it has thickened to something approximately as thick as toothpaste, pour it into your deodorant containers, tapping the bottom of the tube on the counter to knock out air bubbles. I really like deodorant push tubes, but I filled mine up and put the remainder in a small, flat tin.

Apply to the underarms like you would with any deodorant. Voila. Deodorant!