Looking to say hi? If you want to chat about something I’ve posted, the best way to get to me is to comment on it, and then I can comment back. There are no old posts! It is much better for you to comment on the relevant post than an irrelevant newer one—I’ll see it at exact same time, but anybody else with the same question will never find it if you’ve posted your question on a totally unrelated post 🙂

If you think your question might be a fairly common one (or even if you don’t!), please check the FAQ. It’s positively loaded with helpful information on preservatives, shelf life, substitutions, where to shop, and all the other questions I hear pretty regularly, and you’ll get your answer instantly.

If you’re looking for information on a specific ingredient, check out my encyclopedia. I’m still working on it, but each entry includes loads of useful information on the ingredient in question, including places to purchase it and substitutions.

Also—use the search function! I have over 980 posts up, so chances are I have written about something you’re wondering about 🙂 And if you’re new, you should also sign up for my DIY Skin Care for Beginners course if you haven’t already!

If you want to Request a Recipe, please use this form so I can keep your request sorted 🙂 If you want to Request a Video, please use this form!

Annnnnd, last but not least, please don’t contact me asking for medical advice. I’m not a doctor so I really can’t help there—I’m just going to tell you to go see a real doctor.

After that you can email me at me [at], but it will probably take me a minimum of a month or two to get back to you because emails only help one person, so I prioritize public communications first… so I would recommend the above self-serve methods first 🙂 And, for some super weird reason, I can’t reply to any Hotmail or MSN email addresses… they seem to have decided that everything coming from me is spam, so it all gets bounced back. If you can email me from a different address or send me a Facebook message, please do, and if you can’t… I can’t reply. Which is dumb, I know, but talk to Hotmail, they’re the problem :/

Do not email me about advertising services, paid link swaps, supplied content, free articles with “just one link” in them, replacing pre-existing links with links to your website to improve your SEO, or other marketing stuff. I will delete all your emails. If you keep emailing me, I will probably send you back a screen capture of this page with this section highlighted 😝

If you’re hoping to purchase anything from me, go here!

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