These funny scrubby clay things caught my eye on the Lush website. They’re an interesting combination of clay (which I love) and bath bombs (even more love). The end result is a highly exfoliating and amusingly fizzy disc of fun bath time goodness.

I decided to use Rhassoul clay; the same stuff in the original scrub. Its also denser than French Green, Red, and Kaolin clay, lending a nice weight to the final product. The lovely brown colour of the clay inspired me to scent the scrubs hippie-style; patchouli, rosemary, and ginger. They’re wonderfully earthy and spicy.

I molded mine using a half cup measure, but I’d recommend using a one-eighth cup measure for single serving scrubbiness. Once these bad boys get wet they start to fizz away, and keeping them in your shower leaves a nice brown hippie-smelling lump in your shower.

The spritzing step will take longer than for bath bombs because the clay is so absorbent. Just keep at it, and test it frequently. To do so, just pack the mixture into your mold, tap it out back into the bowl, and see if it holds. If it does, you’re good. If not, keep spritzing and stirring.

Copycat Lush Fizzy Clay Scrubs

1 cup baking soda (USA / Canada)
½ cup citric acid (available online or at your local health food store)
½ cup clay
1 tbsp liquid oil (I like sweet almond or walnut, but canola will work)
1 spoonful cocoa butter (USA / Canada) (optional)
Essential oil of choice
Distilled water, as needed

1/8 cup measuring cup, for molding them
Silicone spatula
A spray/mister bottle

Mix the baking soda (USA / Canada), citric acid, and clay together in a wide bowl. Melt the liquid oil and cocoa butter (USA / Canada) together, and drizzle over the dry ingredients. Mix in with a fork, doing your best to blend.

Begin spritzing the mixture with distilled water, stirring between additions. You’re aiming to add the smallest amount of water possible to keep the baking soda (USA / Canada)/citric acid reaction from happening prematurely. So, spritz and stir, spritz and stir.

Test the mixture for adhesion by packing it into a 1/8 cup measure and tapping it out. If the mixture holds together instead of crumbling apart, you’re good to go. If not, keep going. Be sure to test frequently so you don’t add too much water, or the clay fizzies will react while they dry.