One of my favourite scents in the world is the smell of the forest at my cottage. It smells utterly divine, and a hint of it in the city always fills me with a longing for sunshine and summertime.


The woods are mostly spruce and birch trees, and the fresh water that comes off the lake rustles through their needles and leaves on the way to my perch on our screened in porch. If you go for a walk through the woods you’ll easily find raspberry bushes, wildflowers, and a little creek that feeds a lily pad covered frog pond that the kids love to play in. The calls of the loon and the white throated sparrow frequently punctuate the morning air, along with the buzz of the hummingbird and the squeaks of a pack of squirrels that derive endless entertainment from tormenting everybody’s dogs.

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This room spray is my bid to have a bit of summer in the wintertime. Winter is our longest and most depressing season, and each year as it arrives I wonder why I haven’t moved to Australia yet. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget that outside can have a smell—when your nostrils fuse shut in the cold winter air you are generally more concerned with breathing than with what -30°C smells like. So, this spray, with its hints of spruce, fir, pine, campfires, sunshine, and wildflowers, seeks to remind me of the joys of summer while I count down to warm weather once again.

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Cottage Room Spray

10 drops black spruce essential oil
10 drops fir essential oil
10 drops pine essential oil
10 drops cedarwood essential oil (optional)
1 drop birch tar essential oil (or vetiver)
5 drops labdanum essential oil (optional)
1 drop rose absolute (or another floral essential oil)

Carrier oil or perfumery alcohol, to fill

Blend all the carrier oils together in a 10mL bottle. Top off with carrier oil or perfumery alcohol (cheap vodka will do). Decant between two 5mL spray bottles.

You can use carrier oil instead, but if you dilute the essential oils in carrier oil, the mixture won’t really spray, it’ll spurt/blast, not mist.

You can also mix the essential oils with an equal amount of solubilizer and then add that mixture to at least 60ml water.