I’m really proud of this recipe. It’s perfect for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I call it a syrup, but it also acts as an amazing jam. I love it with Pumpkin French Toast (especially with sour cream).



It has a lot in common with cranberry sauce. Beautifully spiced, tangy and sweet, with just a hint of citrus. But then I take it a step further, and purée the mixture before pressing it through a fine sieve. The result is a bright, beautiful sauce that’s perfect over Pumpkin French Toast and any other sweet, breakfasty confection you can imagine.


Cranberry Syrup

1 bag fresh cranberries
1 cup orange juice
2 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
1″ chunk of fresh ginger

Brown sugar, to taste (about ½–1 cup)

Put the cranberries, orange juice, and spices in a shallow sauce pot. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes.

Remove from the heat and let cool. Fish out the cinnamon sticks and the ginger chunks. If you find any cloves, feel free to pull those out as well.

Purée everything until smooth. Rinse out the saucepan you cooked everything in, and then press the purée through a fine sieve and back into the saucepan. You’ll probably have to stir and press the contents of the sieve as the peels will clog it up quite quickly.

Discard the peels and place the saucepan with the purée back on the stovetop. Heat, and add sugar to taste. You want it to be sweet, but still tart. If it your jaw seizes a bit, it’s too sour. Thin with water if necessary.


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