Happy New Year! I’ve decided to kick 2015 off with this complex and intoxicating perfume that I’m rather infatuated with.


It’s dry and warm, with a tangy mid note and high notes of sweet citrus and bright coniferous trees. It also matures beautifully on the skin—somehow the notes both clarify and blend over time, which is sheer perfumery magic to me.


A base of sweet, mysterious labdanum mingles with mid notes of fir and cedar to create a deep, dry base.


Lavender and lime top off the blend. The lavender softens off quickly, leaving sweet, tangy hints of lime that mellow and blend with the cedar as you wear it.


The final blend makes me think of a hot, dry summer night, with a thunderstorm crackling in the distance. We can hear a chorus of crickets calling back and forth in the bush. I still smell a bit like sunscreen from earlier. There’s talk of lighting a fire later, but only if it cools off a bit more. I can see fireflies dancing over the lake out the screened-in porch. The neighbors are having a dinner party and laughter drifts our way. Time feels like it’s standing still. It’s perfection.

Crickets & Fireflies Perfume

25% labdanum essential oil
10% lavender essential oil (I used Bulgarian)
8% lime essential oil
4% cedarwood essential oil (I used Atlas)
3% fir essential oil

50% perfumery alcohol

Measure all the ingredients out into your perfumery container of choice (I used a 5mL roller bottle from Saffire Blue). For more information on using recipes written in percentages, check out my FAQ.

Cap the bottle, turn it over a few times to help things combine a bit, and then leave it for at least a month to let the essential oils dissolve (this part should happen in a day or two) and let the scents mingle and mature.

Once the perfume has aged, use it as you’d use any perfume. Enjoy!