This rather exotic face mask is a great addition to any spa day. It’s a blend of Dead Sea mud, silk, and clay, with a spicy hit from black pepper essential oil. Creamy and dark, it’ll leave your skin tightened and clean, and as a bonus, anybody who catches a glimpse of you with it on just might scream like a little girl.

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Dead Sea mud is taken from the Dead Sea, one of the most saline and mineral-high bodies of water in the world. It’s long been used as a spa treatment, dating back to Herod the Great, who used the area as a resort. The mud itself is thick and smooth, with a texture similar to that of peanut butter, though not at all oily.

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I’ve thinned the mud out with some water and then blended in some white kaolin clay (USA / Canada) for the all-around wonders of clay, which I love in all my face masks. It helps clean out pores, lightly exfoliate, and increase circulation.

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For an additional dose of luxury I’ve added a wee bit of silk peptides. Silk is high in proteins, and is easily absorbed into the skin. It helps manage moisture and strengthen the hair and skin.

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And last but not least, just a wee bit of black pepper essential oil. It’s a warming essential oil (so go easy!) and it’s great for acne. It also stimulates circulation, meaning your face will feel a bit warm and tingly with the mask on.

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The final mask is silky smooth and quite a bit more gentle than a full clay mask, leaving the skin less red than a straight clay mask. It smells of rain and pepper, and I quite like it.

Dead Sea & Silk Face Mask

1½ tsp Dead Sea mud
1½ tsp warm water

¼ tsp silk peptides, powder, or amino acids
2–4 tsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
2 drops black pepper essential oil

Place the Dead Sea mud and warm water together in a small dish and mash together to dilute the mud. Stir in the silk peptides, and then stir in the white kaolin clay (USA / Canada) half a teaspoon at a time until you reach your desired mask consistency. Add the black pepper essential oil and stir to combine.

To use, pull back your hair and spread the mask across your face. Let it dry, rinse it off, and follow up with some argan oil.

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