Sourcing & References

Wherever I list a very specific claim about an ingredient I aim to link to the original source.

A lot of the more general information in the encyclopedia is readily available on supplier websites, both in the product description and the associate SDS and fact sheet documents. I frequently refer to these websites:

Ingredients to Die For
Making Cosmetics
Wholesale Supplies Plus

Industry websites are also useful for learning about ingredients. Manufacturers will often make fact sheets, SDS, and sample formulations available. These can be available through manufacturer websites, supplier websites, some google-sluething, and websites like ULProspector.

CosmeticsInfo is a great place to learn about the general uses of cosmetic ingredients.

Modern Cosmetics: Ingredients of Natural Origin a Scientific View , Volume 1 is also a fantastic reference volume, and information from it is scattered throughout encyclopedia posts.

More Research Tips


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