Earlier this week I stumbled upon a for homemade hair serum. It looked like it was on the right track; lots of great oil and really easy. But it was pure oil, and I don’t care how careful you are about applying only the tiniest amount. Inevitably you will add one extra drop one morning and be forced to spend the rest of the day looking more grungy than frizz-free and glowing.

So, I started thinking. And I thought my way over to lotion, with the idea that the added water would dilute the oil and make it easier to apply a very small amount. Also, I have lots of water-soluble things that are good for your hair, like aloe vera juice, phytokeratin and bioplex.

So, this is pretty easy (only slightly more difficult than mixing together oils) and makes your hair nice and shiny. Also, it smells pretty.

Hair Serum

15g Coconut Oil
20g Camellia Seed Oil
15g Castor Oil
10g Shea Butter
5g Cocoa Butter
2g Vitamin E MT-50 (USA / Canada)

60g Aloe Vera juice
4g phytokeratin (optional—can be replaced with more aloe vera juice)
3g bioplex (optional—can be replaced with more aloe vera juice)

Essential oils of lemongrass, lavender, and rosemary (I like a 2:2:1 ratio)

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

Melt all the oils together in one saucepan, and warm the aloe, phytokeratin, and bioplex in another. Let them cool to the same temperature.

Put the oils in your blender. Add a splash of water, blend, and then slowly add some more water. It’s not really going to fully emulsify without beeswax and borax, but you’ll be able to shake it back into action before using it, just like salad dressing. Add your essential oils and preservative, decant into tiny little bottles (I like old hotel shampoo bottles), and you’re done!

To use, put a tiny amount in the palm of your hand, rub your palms together, and then glide over your hair. Stay away from your scalp, and do be stingy. Especially if you have a long wash cycle, because more serum mean you hair will get over-oily much faster.

This is all my waist-length, super thick hair needs.