Suddenly it’s the first day of December—how are your gifts coming along? Here’s my 2016 list of handmade gifts (and recipes, of course!) you can DIY up for anybody and everybody you know; let’s dive in:

DIY Gift Ideas

The Winter Wonderland gift set: Winter Wonderland Christmas Soap + Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss + Winter Wonderland Body Lotion + Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs

Pucker up: Coal Lip Balm + Winter Wonderland Lip Gloss

DIY Gift Ideas

For the naughty (coal-themed gifts): Lumps of Coal Christmas Soap + Coal Lip Balm + Twilight Foaming Clay Scrub

Pamper your pores: Cranberry Clay Facial Scrub + Holiday Parfait Face Masks + Orange Wax Cleansing Balm + Rose Gold Facial Serum

DIY Gift Ideas

Relax like a champ: Lavender Bath Milk Concentrate + Winter Wonderland Bath Bombs + Soothing Oat Bath & Body Oil

Suds up: Winter Wonderland Christmas Soap + Lumps of Coal Christmas Soap + Gentle Hemp & Shea Soap

DIY Gift Ideas

Combat winter skin: Whipped Pumpkin Spice Body Butter + Winter Wonderland Body Lotion + Moraine Lake Body Lotion

The beauty department: My book! Make it Up: The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup and Skin Care, By Marie Rayma, creator of starts shipping out of the Running Press warehouses on December 6 (and it’s already out in Australia, the UK, and parts of Europe!). For anybody who loves makeup, it’s a super-awesome gift; you can pair it with some of the necessary ingredients and equipment for an all-around awesome gift ☺️

DIY Gift Ideas

Gift ideas in motion

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How to Make Cranberry Lip Balm

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