You might not guess it, but I get a surprisingly large number of questions about how to clean up DIY messes. Beeswax, shea butter, clays, and other assorted powders can make some pretty mighty messes that outclass a kid’s pizza party pretty fast. Here’s how I deal with those DIY disaster zones.



I made a video on this topic, too!

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Spatulas—The awesome, thin-edged silicone ones. Use these bad boys to scrape as much of your concoctions as humanly possible out of your pots, pans, and assorted mess vessels, and into your lip balm tubes and wee jars. Less mess, more product. Score! This is probably my favourite spatula—thin edged, super flexible, and useful for pretty much everything.



Boiling water—It is oh-so-helpful for un-solidifying your waxy, oily concoctions and washing them safely down the drain (just be sure we’re talking about smears and wee bits here, not giant clods—scrape those into the bin).



Cleaning powder—It dissolves greasy messes brilliantly when you put a spoonful into the bottom of your mess holder and top it off with boiling water.



Dish detergentThat industrial strength stuff has to be good for something, right? I’m extra-super in love with Axion, a mildly abrasive super-concentrated dish washing paste I discovered in Costa Rica.


Elbow grease–There’s nothing like a good scrubbin’, though you shouldn’t need to exert too much effort if you follow all the other tips 🙂

Paper towel—Give your prep cups and measuring cups a quick wipe with paper towel before washing them to speed things up even more; this is especially awesome if you’ve been making something highly pigmented and greasy, like lipstick! I went through a lot of paper towels while developing the recipes for my book.

What are your favourite clean up tips?