This quick-to-assemble Egyptian Magic liquid soap mixes all the best parts of Egyptian Magic with a gentle liquid soap base to make for a bee-riffic honey kissed hand soap. Egyptian Magic is made from just six ingredients—olive oil, beeswax, pollen, honey, propolis, and royal jelly. In my DIY version I make the royal jelly optional for accessibility’s sake, dropping that number to five.



And here, for the soap, I’ve dropped the beeswax, as my previous beeswax + soap experiments have taught me that the soap will wash away everything but the beeswax, leaving you with a sticky film on your skin that doesn’t exactly mesh with the “squeaky clean” sensation you expect when you’re done washing your hands.

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Once you have your homemade liquid soap paste on hand, all that’s left is to soften it with some water to take it from a thick, vaseline-like texture to something more like the liquid soap you’re familiar with.

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You can add whatever you like to your softened liquid soap, and this time we’re adding all kind of bee-inspired goodies. Some olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada), for a moisturizing punch; blitzed bee pollen for a hefty dose of vitamins and minerals; propolis for a healing kick; and raw honey for a good dose of enzymes and some added moisturizing power.

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The final Egyptian Magic liquid soap is a golden, sudsy treat, perfect for washing hands and faces. If you like Egyptian Magic, I definitely recommend giving this a try.

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2019 update: I’m afraid I can’t offer much in the way of detailed troubleshooting information for this project as I haven’t made liquid soap using KOH in well over 3 years and my memory of the process is limited to my notes, which you’re reading here. Sorry!

Egyptian Magic Liquid Soap

80g | 2.82oz liquid soap paste
Water, to soften

1 tsp honey
1 tsp olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada)
½ tsp pollen
30 drops propolis tincture
1 tsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)

Start by softening your liquid soap paste about halfway. I found that adding the bee goodies really loosened up my softened paste from a great texture to way too thin, so we’re going to add the bee goodies halfway through the softening process, and then add more water as needed.

So—weigh your soap paste out into a seal-able container, and add about 30g of just-boiled water. Mash the mixture together a bit, and then seal the container and leave it overnight for the paste to absorb the water and soften up a bit.

Now, add your honey, onlive oil, pollen, propolis, and clay. You should notice the mixture loosen from these small additions.

To finish it up, slowly add more water until you get the texture you like in liquid soap. I’m a big fan of adding ~15g or so of just-boiled water at a time, mashing, sealing, and leaving it overnight. It takes a few days, but it’s almost all downtime.

Once you’ve got a texture you’re happy with, press the soap through a sieve to remove any blobs of pollen, and transfer your soap to a pump top bottle. Enjoy!

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