I have a constant New Years/Birthday/name any occasion resolution to stop touching my face. I am not very good at it. I’m an absent-minded chin-stroker, and it does absolutely no favours for my complexion. It’s infuriating. Anyhow, I have come to realize that part of convincing myself not to touch/itch/pick at stuff on my face is convincing myself that I am doing other things that are more helpful. This Even Better Zit Drying Lotion stuff is awesome. I’ve been using version 1.0 (which was inspired by a pricey shop-bought version) for a while, and it’s great, so I wanted to up my game—and here we are.

How to make even better zit drying lotion

The liquidy part is now witch hazel and herb infused vodka, plus some healing aloe vera and soothing allantoin (USA / Canada). The herbs infused in the vodka are calendula and white willow bark; calendula helps boost healing, and white willow bark contains salicin, a pre-cursor of salicylic acid, which is awesome for battling acne.

How to make even better zit drying lotionHow to make even better zit drying lotion

The herb infused vodka is exactly the same stuff I used in this recipe, so if you’ve made it, you might already have it on hand! And if not—now you can make that recipe much more easily 😉 The infused vodka is easy to make; just combine two teaspoons of each white willow bark and calendula petals with 60mL/half a cup of vodka in a mason jar, seal it, and let everything infuse for at least 24 hours. Longer is great; mine is about two years old! Make sure you strain it before use.

How to make even better zit drying lotion How to make even better zit drying lotion

The powdery bit at the bottom is basically calamine lotion that’s been hydrated with our lovely mixture of acne blasting ingredients. The pink hue of it isn’t hugely important in terms of performance, so I added some yellow to help make it a bit more skin-toned so it’s not as obvious on your skin if you happen to want to wear it during the day (at home… it’s not so camouflaged I’d recommend leaving the house with it on!). A hint of camphor powder helps reduce any pain, soreness, or itching you might have from a lurking blemish—a major bonus for me.

How to make even better zit drying lotion How to make even better zit drying lotion

After using this diligently for several weeks, I swear it helps. If I have a lurker or a pore that looks like it might decide to be a jerk in a day or two, on goes the drying lotion for the night (or the day, if I don’t have anywhere to go). Combined with some self control (NO SQUEEZING!), this stuff is seriously helping my complexion. Whenever I want to pick or squeeze, I put some of this on instead. Give this even better zit drying lotion a try!

This is right after making it; you can see some sediment floating around.

This is right after making it; you can see some sediment floating around.

This is after about 24 hours of settling time.

This is after about 24 hours of settling time.

Even Better Zit Drying Lotion

4 tsp calendula and white willow bark infused vodka (see pre-amble for the how-to)
4 tsp witch hazel
1/4 tsp vegetable glycerine (USA / Canada)
1/64 tsp 200x aloe vera powder (I use these tiny measuring spoons for tiny measurements like this)
1/32 tsp allantoin (USA / Canada) (optional)
0.2g | 0.007oz liquid germall plus (or other broad spectrum preservative of choice at the correct concentration [why?])

3/4 tsp zinc oxide
1/4 tsp titanium dioxide
1/64 tsp red iron oxide
1/32 tsp yellow iron oxide
1/16 tsp camphor powder

For this project you’ll need a shorter jar or bottle that holds about 45mL/1.5 fl oz. It needs to be short enough that you can dip a cotton bud down to the bottom of it.

Whisk the infused vodka, witch hazel, glycerin, aloe vera powder, allantoin (USA / Canada), and preservative together in a small bowl.

Measure the zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, and camphor powder into your DIY-specific coffee grinder. Put on your dust mask and blend everything together for about a minute. The camphor powder tends to be a bit moist and clumpy, so you’ll need to blend everything a couple times, stopping to stir and scrape things down between blendings, to really get that moisture thoroughly blended throughout the dry powder. Once you have a dry, uniform, fine powder, you’re done!

Use a funnel to transfer the powder into the bottom of your jar/bottle, and then gently pour in the liquids. You want a layer of powder at the bottom of the jar with the liquid on top, so don’t shake it up, just leave the powders to wet out and settle down. After a few days some of the colour from the infused alcohol will also settle down towards the bottom of the jar.

To use, dip a cotton bud down through everything, soaking it in the herb infused liquid and then picking up some pasty calamine zit-blasting goodness as well. Dab that pink goo over any problem spots, specifically anything sore that seems like it might be irksome in the morning. Leave it on while you sleep, and wipe off whatever is left in the morning.

Don’t apply this to broken skin.

Don’t have camphor powder? Weirdly enough, it’s water soluble, meaning it’ll easily stay in the water solution nicely without any shaking required. You should be able to use camphor oil instead (I’d start with about 10 drops), but you’ll also need an oil-in-water emulsifier like polysorbate 20 (USA / Canada) or Turkey Red Oil. Do not skip this! This product cannot be shaken before use, so if you have to shake your bottle to get the camphor essential oil to incorporate, you’re destroying the effect. I’d recommend using extra emulsifier to be extra safe—perhaps 1/4 tsp total.

How to make even better zit drying lotion How to make even better zit drying lotion