I have a confession to make… I dreamt I was on Downton Abbey last night. Yes, these are the sorts of things that I fantasize about. It was the best kind of dream because it was both convincing (despite my forehead being roughly 4” taller than usual, which really didn’t suit me at all), and about something I like (rather than work, which I have been dreaming about far too much as of late). Anyhow, I can remember ogling the fantastic décor, admiring everybody’s hairstyles and costumes, and discussing Edwardian footwear with Anna (because we don’t see much of it in the show and as Mary’s lady’s maid, she would know). You may call my dreams rather dull, but you should have seen the ornately carved wood panels on the walls. Sigh.


Anyhow, this quick (yet fancy looking) Edwardian inspired hairstyle has become a favourite of mine. It comes together in minutes, yet is fancy enough for any occasion (especially with the addition of a jeweled hair pin).


It begins in much the same way as the Edwardian hairstyles I’ve already shown you—with a half up ponytail. The only difference here is that it’s out up a bit higher before fastening and then twisting.


From there, the rest of the hair is pulled through (as if you’re going to do hairstyle #2 from this entry—check it out for more detailed photos) but just twice (or once if you don’t have as much hair as I do).


From there, lean forward, gathering the remaining loose hair together over the top of your head.

13-09-07-pic04 13-09-07-pic05

Roll it around your fingers into a small bundle/bun, and pin it above the initial roll/twist (I find hair pins are awesome here, with a few bobby pins for any loose ends).


Et voila! A quick and easy Edwardian inspired hairstyle that will stay put and stay out of your face, while looking elegant and lovely.

Thanks for taking the process photos, Haley!