One of my only claims to some sort of familiar fame is a distant relation to J.M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan. Cool, eh? I remember telling this story to a classmate in elementary school, only to have him call me a liar and insist that there was no way that Walt Disney was in my family tree. Um… yeah. Anyhow, one of my favourite parts of the Peter Pan story is the addition of fairy dust to the story.


You see, in the original version of the play, there was no fairy dust. The Darling children just had to think happy thoughts and they could fly. Unfortunately, after the curtains closed on opening night, a bunch of children ran home and threw themselves off their furniture (whilst furiously thinking happy thoughts, of course). Needless to say that ended in many bumps and bruises across London, so J.M. Barrie hastily added fairy dust to the flight equation. Obviously the idea of children hurting themselves isn’t the highlight of the story—it’s the wonder of the human imagination. I think it’s rather sweet, and it makes me nostalgic.


Anyhow, this light fairly dust won’t make you fly, but it will lift your brows and bring your eyes and cheekbones to life, and when combined with happy thoughts, you’ll positively glow.


It gets its brightness from titanium dioxide, a bright white powder. When combined with sericite mica (USA / Canada) for lustre, silver mica for shimmer, and just a hint of blue ultramarine for a wee touch of coolness, the final powder has the power to make eyes pop. I think you’ll love it.



Fairy Dust Highlighting Powder

2 tsp sericite mica (USA / Canada)
1 tsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
1/8 tsp magnesium stearate
¾ tsp silver mica
1 tsp titanium dioxide (less if you’re not as pale as I am—work up to it if in doubt)
Speck blue ultramarine (optional)
15 drops jojoba oil (USA / Canada)

Blend everything together in your DIY coffee grinder. Transfer to a small jar.

To use, blend in under the eyebrow, underneath the outer lower corners of your eyes, and in by your tear ducts. It’s also great as a highlighting powder for your cheekbones.

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