I feel fairly safe in stating that cleaning a bathroom is probably no one’s favourite job. And I also feel fairly safe in stating that most people prefer a clean bathroom to a filthy one, which creates a rather unfortunate catch-22. It can be somewhat offset by cleaning your bathroom while it’s still relatively clean, but then you’re stuck cleaning your bathroom a lot. Also not great. So, this scrub comes to the rescue! Bam. Four ingredients, and super effective. What more could you want?

I found this recipe in a natural home cleaning book, and Martha Stuart has published something similar as well. Just mix about 1/3 cup of baking soda (USA / Canada) with two squirts of liquid soap, a few drops of an essential oil of choice, and enough water to form a loose paste. You can then put some paste on a sponge, and scrub away at your sink, bathtub, and shower. You need to be sure you’re scrubbing something that you can give a thorough rinse-down, so I’d stay away from your counter tops unless you have one of those bathrooms that seal up and self-clean like they have on the sidewalks of large cities.

My favourite thing about this scrub is how it’s mild abrasiveness makes cleaning stupidly easy. Bathtub rings just melt away. It’s amazing. And it smells pretty (assuming you choose a nice smelling essential oil).

And go!