Can I sell things made from your recipes?

Honestly, I’d prefer that you didn’t.

Reason 1

If you’re using my formulations because you can’t develop your own, you are nowhere near ready to be selling skincare and cosmetics to the general public. Please give this post a read. Selling to the public is a big deal. You need to be a total expert in everything you sell, and you should know more than enough to formulate everything you intend to sell.

Reason 2

Nothing I share has been designed or tested for mass manufacturing, sale, or shelf stability. It may not meet the regulatory requirements for the country you live in or countries you plan to sell to.

Reason 3

I spend a lot of time and money developing these DIYs to share with people like you for free. In sharing my formulas you are able to stop being dependent on store-bought products and save money by making things yourself. That is the spirit in which I share—if you take what I give freely and sell it to people… that just feels wrong.

Going to do it anyway?

Do it legally

Get insurance, fill out all the forms you need to, undergo any legally mandated testing. Ensure your labelling is legally compliant. Follow GMP. Know what is required of your business and ensure you are legally compliant.

Please pay me a licensing fee

This is on a per-formulation basis. Get in touch and let’s talk.

Credit me right on your packaging and your website, complete with links

If your potential customers want to make it for themselves instead of purchasing it from you they should be able to.

Please don’t come to me with questions for your business/products

If you need me, you should spend more time becoming familiar with the basic principles of spoilage, pH, solubility, etc. so you can stand on your own two feet. I will not be answering questions like “if I’m going to sell this, do I need to do X/include Y?”. You should know all those answers and more if you are planning on selling to the public.


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