Can you make me just one or two of these and sell it to me so I can see if I like the recipe?

No. Selling stuff legally is nowhere near as easy as just whipping up a batch, popping it in a container, and sending it off to a stranger in the post. Here’s a brief overview of things I have to do (or do differently) before considering selling things.

  • Submit my formulas to Health Canada and keep those up to date for every single product I sell; this is required by Health Canada and by my insurance.
  • Carefully test all products over the period of at least a year to ensure they are suitable for sale. I definitely do not do this for everything I share on the blog! If I did, this blog would definitely not be free, and it would be impossible to publish twice a week.
  • Source and test suitable packaging for every item that matches my brand standards and stands up to the intended use.
  • Design labels and have them professionally printed.
  • Track batch numbers of all my ingredients
  • Track batch numbers of all my products
  • I would purchase separate ingredients for everything I sell so I can guarantee there hasn’t been any cross-contamination (that’s a liability), so if I don’t already sell that product, I would have to go out and purchase brand new bottles of every single ingredient to make you two of something… and that’s something you’ve told me you only want to buy from me once, and then you’re going to start making it yourself if you like it! That’s a pretty terrible investment for me.
  • I wouldn’t sell anything that requires a broad spectrum preservative at this point as my insurance does not cover fungal exposure and I do not want to personally shoulder that liability.

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